Capital Plan 2024-2028

The University's 2024-2028 Capital Plan is a maintenance-centric plan focused on system renewals, maximizing funding impact, and minimizing administrative burden. This plan is a significantly smaller investment in University resources, particularly on the Education and General (E&G) budget, than the former capital plan.

Major construction projects in this plan focus on strategic project progressions and deferred projects from the former capital plan.

The 2024-2028 University Capital Plan does not include funding for smaller, unit-level projects.

Note: This University Capital Plan is a living document intended to serve as a guide to help prioritize projects and accommodate emerging strategic needs. Individual projects are approved once they have gone through the Board of Trustees approval process.


Overall University Capital Plan Obligations


For Education and General


For the College of Medicine


For Self-Supporting Units:

356.2M for Auxiliary and Business Services

700.0M for Intercollegiate Athletics

133.7M for the Applied Research Laboratory

Plan Categories

System Renewal

  • University Park - $188.2M
  • Commonwealth Campuses - $62.8M

Initial systems include Building Automation Systems, Electrical Systems and Switchgears, Elevators, Envelopes, Hazardous Material Abatement, HVAC, Interiors and Accessibility, Life Safety and Plumbing.

Major Construction and Renovation

  • Physics Building and Osmond Laboratory Renovation - $115M
  • Sackett Building Renovation and Addition - $89.9M
  • Animal Diagnostic Laboratory Renovation - $65.3M
  • Academic Building - Abington - $56M
  • Eisenhower Auditorium Renovation - $54.2M
  • Academic Learning Center - Harrisburg - $47M
  • Former Palmer Museum of Art Repurposing - $40.4M
  • Nursing Sciences Building Renovation - $28M
  • Carpenter Building Renovation - $27.6M
  • Physical Education Building Renovation - Abington - $25M
  • Smith Building Renovation - Altoona - $22M
  • Boucke Building Renovation - $18.4M 
  • Henderson Building Renovation - $10.7M


  • East Campus Thermal Storage Tank - $31.3M
  • Infrastructure System Support - University Park - $15.7M
  • XLP Electrical Cable Replacement Program - $15M
  • Road Rehabilitation Program - $10M
  • Small Infrastructure Projects - $8.9M
  • Parking and Roadway Maintenance - Commonwealth Campuses - $7M
  • Infrastructure System Support - Commonwealth Campuses - $5.2M


  • Demolition Program - $27.5M

College of Medicine

  • Comparative Medicine Renovations, Phase 2 of Precinct Plan - $12M
  • Inpatient Bed Renovations (Penn State Health) - $10M

Auxiliary and Business Services

  • Pollock Residence Halls Renovation - Phase 3A - $82.7M
  • Pollock Residence Halls Renovation - Phase 3B - $81.7M
  • Pollock Residence Halls Renovation - Phase 3C - $80.5M
  • Pollock Residence Halls Renovation - Phase 3D - $88.1M
  • Pollock Residence Halls Renovation - Phase 4 - $5.2M
  • West Residence Halls - Restroom Renovations - Phase 1 - $9M
  • West Residence Halls - Restroom Renovations - Phase 2- $9M

Note: Auxiliary and Business Services is a self-supported unit.

Intercollegiate Athletics

  • Beaver Stadium Renovation - $700M

Note: Intercollegiate Athletics is a self-supported unit.

Applied Research Laboratory

  • IB01 - Special Projects Building New Construction - $79.1M
  • Electro-Optics Center Purchase (or Lease Renewal) - $25M
  • Main Laboratory Renovation - Phase 1 - $16.6M
  • Reston Relocation to CMC5 Lease Amendment - $13M 

Note: The Applied Research Laboratory is a self-supported unit.