Capital Plan 2024-2028


The University's 2024-2028 Capital Plan is a maintenance-centric plan focused on system renewals, maximizing funding impact, and minimizing administrative burden. This plan is a significantly smaller investment in University resources, particularly on the Education and General (E&G) budget, than the former capital plan. 

Major construction projects in this plan focus on strategic project progressions and deferred projects from the former capital plan. 

The 2024-2028 University Capital Plan does not include funding for smaller, unit-level projects. 

  • $2.183B Overall University Capital Plan Obligations
    • $971.1M for Education and General
    • $22.0M for the College of Medicine
    • $1.189B for the Self-Supporting Units
      • $356.2M for Auxiliary and Business Services
      • $700.0M for Intercollegiate Athletics
      • $133.7M for the Applied Research Laboratory

Note: This University Capital Plan is a living document intended to serve as a guide to help prioritize projects and accommodate emerging strategic needs. Individual projects are approved once they have gone through the Board of Trustees approval process. 

Plan Categories

Systems Renewal

  • University Park - $188.2M
  • Commonwealth Campuses - $62.8M

Initial systems include Building Automation Systems, Electrical Systems and Switchgears, Elevators, Envelopes, Hazardous Material Abatement, HVAC, Interiors and Accessibility, Life Safety and Plumbing.

Major Construction and Renovation

  • Physics Building and Osmond Laboratory Renovation - $115M
  • Sackett Building Renovation and Addition - $89.9M
  • Animal Diagnostic Laboratory Renovation - $65.3M 
  • Academic Building - Abington - $56M
  • Eisenhower Auditorium Renovation - $54.2M
  • Academic Learning Center - Harrisburg - $47M
  • Former Palmer Museum of Art Repurposing - $40.4M
  • Nursing Sciences Building Renovation - $28M
  • Carpenter Building Renovation - $27.6M
  • Physical Education Building Renovation - Abington - $25M
  • Smith Building Renovation - Altoona - $22M
  • Boucke Building Renovation - $18.4M 
  • Henderson Building Renovation - $10.7M


  • East Campus Thermal Storage Tank - $31.3M
  • Infrastructure System Support - University Park - $15.7M
  • XLP Electrical Cable Replacement Program - $15M
  • Road Rehabilitation Program - $10M
  • Small Infrastructure Projects - $8.9M
  • Parking and Roadway Maintenance - Commonwealth Campuses - $7M
  • Infrastructure System Support - Commonwealth Campuses - $5.2M


  • Demolition Program - $27.5M

College of Medicine

  • Comparative Medicine Renovations, Phase 2 of Precinct Plan - $12M
  • Inpatient Bed Renovations (Penn State Health) - $10M

Auxiliary and Business Services

  • Pollock Residence Halls Renovation - Phase 3A - $82.7M
  • Pollock Residence Halls Renovation - Phase 3B - $81.7M
  • Pollock Residence Halls Renovation - Phase 3C - $80.5M
  • Pollock Residence Halls Renovation - Phase 3D - $88.1M
  • Pollock Residence Halls Renovation - Phase 4 - $5.2M
  • West Residence Halls - Restroom Renovations - Phase 1 - $9M
  • West Residence Halls - Restroom Renovations - Phase 2 - $9M

Note: Auxiliary and Business Services is a self-supported unit. 

Intercollegiate Athletics

  • Beaver Stadium Renovation - $700M

Note: Intercollegiate Athletics is a self-supported unit. 

Applied Research Laboratory

  • IB01 - Special Projects Building New Construction - $79.1M
  • Electro-Optics Center Purchase (or Lease Renewal) - $25M
  • Main Laboratory Renovation - Phase 1 - $16.6M
  • Reston Relocation to CMC5 Lease Amendment - $13M 

Note: The Applied Research Laboratory is a self-supported unit. 

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