Buildings & Grounds Resources

Document Name Category Description Owner
BJC Access Procedures Reference Information Bryce Jordan Center access procedures and emergency contacts. Work Reception Center
B&G KPIs Performance Metrics Metrics used to gauge and improve performance across B&G. Greg Andersen
B&G HR Guidance Documents Reference documents Human Resource documents to use as guidance in interactions with employees. Amber Schoenauer
B&G MVVG Mapping   Mission, Vision, Values, Goals alignment document. Various
B&G Organizational Charts Organizational Charts Organizational charts for Building Services, Custodial, Grounds & Equipment, and Maintenance Programs with photos. Amber Schoenauer
B&G Supervisor's Meeting Meeting Agendas Meeting agendas from B&G Supervisor's Meetings. Phillip Melnick
Blue Manual Reference manual Custodial supervisor resource guide. Erik Cagle
Building Access Procedures Reference information Procedures for building access.  Work Reception Center
Building Services Employee Presentations Reports Supervisor meeting agendas for crew meetings. Mariah Jabco
Business Rules (MPS) Reference Document   Various
CapNew - New Facilities Funding Spreadsheet Reference spreadsheet New Facilities Funding Request spreadsheet. Phillip Melnick
Cost Object Cross Walk (SIMBA Accounts) Reference spreadsheet New budget number cross walk with legacy budget numbers. Kristin Sykes
Custodial Emergency Coverage List Emergency Planning Document Coverage plan for custodial operations in case of emergency. Sandy Lightner
Custodial Operations General Information Reference Materials Custodial Services box folder. Erik Cagle
Custodial Operations KPI Reports   Erik Cagle
Custodial Operations OT Database Reference Documents Custodial Operations spread sheets and documents pertaining to overtime. Beth Pearce/Erik Cagle
Employee Call-Off Response Procedure Response to employee call-off during COVID-19 procedures. Don Fronk
Employee Communication Archive Communication webpage Archive of important communication across OPP. TBD
Entity Marks Policies & Procedures Contains various entity marks for OPP & Buildings & Grounds. Neil Sullivan
GL Account Cross Walk (Object Codes) SIMBA Resource Cross walk of old IBIS object codes to new GL Accounts. GURU
IPM Reports Reports Elm Tree Pest Management reports. Beth Pearce
Locker List (148) Reference Document Master list of technical service employees locker numbers. Amber Schoenauer
M Key Master List Reports Mechanical Key exception list. Amber Schoenauer
Maintenance Programs Employee Presentations Reports Supervisor meeting agendas for crew meetings. TBD
MPS Safety Management Board Portal Dashboard for Safety Management A web portal to share initiatives of the SMB, ISPT, and SIT. Greg Andersen
MPS Staffing & Vacancy Organizational Chart/Roster   Mariah Jabco
NFF Sheet (Original) Document New Facility Funding Request original document. Kirstin Steele
OPP Bulletin Board Posting Policies & Procedures   Bruce Smith
OPP Equipment List Reports List of equipment owned by OPP. Bruce Cifelli
OPP H&FS Agreements Reports   TBD
OPP Letterhead Policies & Procedures Official Letterhead for any documentation. Neil Sullivan
OPP SV Parking Expectations Policies & Procedures Expectations and regulations for those driving service vehicles. Greg Andersen
Paid Break - How to Charge Policies & Procedures How to charge 1/2-paid break correctly. Phillip Melnick
Pooled Overhead Rates Budget Report   Phillip Melnick
Restoration Contractor List Reference Document List of pre-qualified contractors for PSU. Risk Management
Retirement Group Meal Policy Policies & Procedures Approval needed for Retirement group meals above threshold. Phillip Melnick
Snow Manual Policies & Procedures Contacts and procedures to use during Snow event. Beth Pearce
Travel Reimbursement Signatures Policies & Procedures Required signatures for Travel Reimbursements Amber Schoenauer
TT Request Spreadsheet Reference Spreadsheet Temporary transfer request tracking. Sandy Lightner