The 103 Building

Admin Office Building
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Facilities Coordinators

First Name Last Name
Marissa Shamrock [email protected] (814) 865-1302 VP Commonwealth Campuses, Office of the President, University Budget Office, Central Finance and Business
Karen Mozley-Bryan [email protected] (814) 865-0142 Bellisario College of Communications
Jean Songer [email protected] (814) 863-4850 Development and Alumni Relations
John Ilie [email protected] (814) 863-5499 Penn State Information Technology
Kris Wentling [email protected] (814) 865-3651 Office of Physical Plant

Area Information

Title Supervisor

Service Workers

Service Workers in Area 1
Name Position Supervisor
RANDY MORRISON Maintenance Worker, Plumbing & Piping RONALD NAGLE
JASON WALLACE Area Facilities Maintenance Mechanic RONALD NAGLE
Adam Nileski ADAM NILESKI Electrician RONALD NAGLE
Eric Heltman ERIC HELTMAN Refrigeration Technician RONALD NAGLE
Kenneth Henry KEN HENRY Plumber - Fitter RONALD NAGLE
Jeremy Lingle JEREMY LINGLE Area Facilities Maintenance Mechanic RONALD NAGLE
KEVIN MARTZ Maintenance Worker, Mechanical & Plumbing RONALD NAGLE
Nicholas McCloskey NICHOLAS MCCLOSKEY Heating and Ventilation Technician RONALD NAGLE
Michael Pringle MIKE PRINGLE Refrigeration Technician RONALD NAGLE
CHRISTOPHER SHERRY Refrigeration Technician, Ammonia Operator RONALD NAGLE