Pasture Research Field Lab

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Service Workers

Service Workers in Area 1
Name Position Supervisor
Adam Nileski ADAM NILESKI Electrician RONALD NAGLE
Eric Heltman ERIC HELTMAN Refrigeration Technician RONALD NAGLE
Kenneth Henry KEN HENRY Plumber - Fitter RONALD NAGLE
MELINDA CONAWAY Maintenance Worker, Plumbing & Piping RONALD NAGLE
Jeremy Lingle JEREMY LINGLE Area Facilities Maintenance Mechanic RONALD NAGLE
KEVIN MARTZ Maintenance Worker, Mechanical & Plumbing RONALD NAGLE
Nicholas McCloskey NICHOLAS MCCLOSKEY Heating and Ventilation Technician RONALD NAGLE
Michael Pringle MIKE PRINGLE Refrigeration Technician RONALD NAGLE
CHRISTOPHER SHERRY Refrigeration Technician, Ammonia Operator RONALD NAGLE
Christopher Vargo CHRIS VARGO Heating and Ventilation Technician RONALD NAGLE