UP-Academic Activities - renovations to accommodate SiC user facility
General Construction

Bid Date / Prevailing Time
Package Number
Pre-bid Date/Time
Pre-Bid Location
Parking Lot outside of Academic Activities building near the overpass garage door
Pre-Bid Meeting
Recommended but not Mandatory


Bids will be received electronically only through the e-Builder Bid Portal. Bids in any other format will not be accepted.


To access the Bid Documents, the potential bidder must have or create an Account in the e-Builder Bid Portal. The username for your account is usually your email address.

The Bid Package is the project-specific link. The link will take you to the e-Builder Bid Portal, where potential bidders will complete the prompts, access bid documents, and submit bids.

Bid Document access is intended for use by the bidder, their company, and entities involved in formulating the bid response. Distribution of information or documents to plan rooms or websites for advertising this project is prohibited. Bid Document access will not generate a Bidders List. Subcontractors and Suppliers should contact the project’s A/E regarding this information.

The e-Builder site has a video tutorial about the bid process: “Registering to Bid (Part 2 of 2) and “Bid Portal Navigation." If you need help with your user login or encounter errors during bid submission, contact e-Builder Technical Support at (888) 288-5717 or [email protected].