UP-FY 18-23 Capital Systems Renewal Program - Roof
2C.3 Plumbing Construction

Bid Date / Prevailing Time
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Start at Kissell Motorsports Building, Millenium Building and Central Milk Testing Building to follow.
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G. R. Sponaugle & Sons Inc.

Project Description

Alexander Building Construction Co. requests proposals for the UP-FY 18-23 Capital Systems Renewal Program - Roof Construction for The Pennsylvania State University. Bid Package 2C includes the complete tear-off and replacement of specific sections of roofing on the Kissel Motorsports Building, Millenium Building, and Central Milk Testing Building. This will be a phased construction sequence with bulk during the Spring/Summer of 2024. Tentative construction dates include the Kissell Motorsports Building at the end of March 2024 through the end of April 2024, the Central Milk Testing Building from the middle of March through the end of May, and the Millenium Building from the beginning of May through the beginning of August. It is imperative that Millenium Building construction occurs over PSU's summer break due to the high use of the building. Remedy of systemic issues such as drainage, fall protection, ventilation, electrical disconnects, and mechanical support are also included. 

Bid Package 2C.1 – General Construction

Pre-Bid Notes

Pre-Bid Meeting/Site Walk for Roof Construction 2C will start at Kissell Motorsports Building at 9:00 a.m. October 17th. The Pre-Bid Meeting/Site Walk for Central Milk Testing Building and Millenium Building to follow.


All trade contractors interested in the upcoming Capital System Renewal Program Projects must be PSU prequalified before the bidding due date. To obtain prequalification documents (see attachments below) contact Tina Petrie ([email protected]) at Alexander Building Construction Co, referencing the PSU Capital Systems Renewal Program. Prequalification documents shall be submitted directly to Tina Petrie ([email protected]) at Alexander Building Construction Co. All prequalification documents need to be completed and returned by October 26, 2023. If any prequalifications are sent after October 26, 2023, they will not be accepted. Any proposals from bidders who are not prequalified at the time of bid will not be accepted.  If any Trade Contractor is already PSU Prequalified, contact Tina Petrie and let her know your status so she can update your information as needed. 


The project will be bid through Pipeline Suite.

As a project delegated to Penn State by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS), this bid opening is public via Zoom Webinar. Registration is required. To access the registration site, go to  https://psu.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_2E-nOI5QRG-VtIWskmtJmg. Zoom will send a confirmation email that contains the URL to access the webinar. Organizers will Admit registrants to the bid opening at 3:00 p.m.

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Alexander Building Construction via Pipeline Suite
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