Shutdown Coordination

The purpose of the shutdown division is to manage utility interruption notifications along with coordinating communication to facilities coordinators affected by emergency, planned and emerging shutdowns of utility systems as well as notifications of fire alarm testing and crane lifts.

What is a "Shutdown?"

A Shutdown is a temporary interruption of a utility or building operations service for the purpose of construction, maintenance, repair or replacement of equipment.

Keys to a well-coordinated shutdown:

  • Determine the need and urgency: Who, What, When, Where and Why.
  • Submit a shutdown request via Maximo Shutdown Request Track.
    • Create a new SDR (draft status) and change status to Waitsdc when SDR is ready to be processed.
    • A self-guided training document titled, "OPP-FAM Shutdown Request Training in Maximo" is available on the Learning Resource Network (LRN) . It is a step-by-step instructional guide for how to submit a shutdown request.
  • Shutdown Staff reviews SDR for completeness and processes the shutdown using Maximo.
  • The affected people are notified for approval.

Submit a shutdown request via Maximo Shutdown Request Track a minimum of 10 calendar days prior to shutdown to ensure approvals and coordination.

The Shutdown Staff maintains a list of building Facility Contacts, as well as OPP employees to be notified of shutdowns. The customers are notified based on a need to know basis for the building. The OPP employees are notified in an effort to coordinate their work during this same time frame.

  • The Shutdown is performed.

Shutdown Definitions:

  • EMERGENCY – (Immediate) a shutdown that could result in danger/death/life safety event or to prevent further damage and perform repairs
  • Utility/Equipment Failure Notification –  response to a failure of Utility /Equipment that causes a Shutdown.
  • EMERGING - work that needs to be performed within 1-8 days of the submission date on the Utility Interruption Notification form. 
  • SCHEDULED – work that needs to be performed that has a 9 day or greater requested start date from submission date on the Utility Interruption Notification form.

Responsibilities of Individual Requesting the Shutdown

  • The requester of the shutdown is responsible to submit a shutdown request through Maximo SDR Track.
  • The requester of the shutdown is responsible to coordinate all activities necessary to prepare the building for the shutdown and return it to normal operations after the shutdown is over.  This includes checking with those actually doing the work to make sure things are ready and/or have been returned to normal. Contact area supervisors to identify and communicate building systems and equipment that are affected by the shutdown if needed. 
  • If the requester will affect the Life Safety System for 8 hours or more---they must contact the follow :
    • Fire Alarm systems—Scotty Eble (777-1627) if he is not available, contact an Electronic Technician.
    • Sprinkler systems—Steve Triebold (5-6391)

In the event of an EMERGENCY utility shutdown that could result in danger or to prevent further damage and perform repairs, contact one of the shutdown staff immediately. The hours and contact information are below.


Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

After hours or on weekends, contact the Work Reception Center at 814-865-4731.

Contact Information

  • Aaron Ransdorf: 814-867-6132
  • Rebecca Perret: 814-867-6133

Email: [email protected]

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Area Shutdown Calendars

(All Pending and Approved Shutdowns per area for the next 6 months)

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