Blue/White Shredding Program

The Blue/White Confidential Shredding Program will return to regularly scheduled hours and days beginning Tuesday, September 7th, 2021.


  • Requests must be entered by noon on Fridays to be scheduled for pick up the following week.


  • Pick up will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, depending on your department’s location on campus and pick up hours will be between 8:00 AM & 2:00 PM.


  • When creating a request, in the description note how many bins or bags need picked up and size of bins.  There is a decal on the bins noting size and number (i.e.; L001=Large Bin, S002=Small Bin)


  • Please note that the crew picking up the shredding is on a schedule, so ensuring the bin/bags are at the location requested on the work order will help the program run smoothly.  If they are not found at the location requested, I’m afraid they will not have time to search for the correct location.


  • As in previous years, if the crew attempts to pick up shredding from a request and there are no shredding bins/bags found, the department will still be charged for one pick-up.


  • There should be one contact person per work order and please be sure that person is aware of the location of the shredding.  If there are multiple locations, multiple requests should be created.


  • To minimize extra work and more efficiently provide confidential service, if there will be a department clean out or you expect more than 5 bags will need picked up, we are requesting you contact the Records Center (IRC) staff at (814) 85-3276 or [email protected] for the new secure bins.  Bins hold 3-6x more shredding than the bags and the Records Center (IRC) staff can fully explain the New Secure Bin Program. 


  • Bins are also available to departments for ongoing use.  Anyone requesting a New Secure Bin for the first time must contact the Records Center (IRC) before bins can be delivered.


  • If your department previously had recurring weekly or bi-weekly pick ups, but have begun using bins and no longer need pick ups as frequently, please contact [email protected].