Pegula Ice Arena

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Description/Scope: The Pegula Ice Arena will be the new home of Penn State's NCAA Division One men's and women's hockey programs. The arena will house two sheets of ice. Main rink seating will consist of 6,000 spectator seats coupled with state of the art accommodations. In addition, the arena will also be an invaluable year-round recreational and educational asset for members of the entire University community as well as for children, youth, and families throughout central Pennsylvania.
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Marv Bevan
Crawford/Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
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October 25, 2013
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Pegula Ice Arena Utilities

Pegula Ice Arena Utilities

Site Plan

Site Plan

Photos 7/10/2012

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Photos 11/12/2012

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Photos 2/21/2013

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Photos 6/27/2013

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Photos 11/8/2013

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